11 October 2007

My biggest pet peeve right now

If there's one thing that I can't stand in the world right now, it's the trend in professional football of calling a timeout right before the other team attempts the winning or tying field goal in the last seconds of the game. It happened again Monday night in the Bills-Cowboys game, and I finally had it with the whole thing. I know it's within the rules of the game, and I guess they're allowed to do what they want within the rules to win, but it just seems so petty and childish to wait until the very last second to call the timeout. As if trying to "ice" the kicker wasn't bad enough, now they make all of us suffer through another few agonizing minutes to see who wins and loses.

So now, no matter who the teams are, I always root for the kicker to make the second one just to make the other team lose twice. I actually was hoping the Bills would hold on to beat the Cowboys until Dick Jauron pulled that stunt. Then I was glad to see them lose. Now, what I really would like to see happen is the kicker miss the first time, then make the second one. That might put a stop to all this nonsense.

Or here's an idea: maybe these teams should play well enough at the end of the game to not put themselves in that position. The Bills had plenty of chances to win the game, just let the guy friggin kick the ball instead of stooping to such sophomoric behavior. To me, it's pretty much akin to NBA players yelling "Miss it!" during free throws or professional baseball players chanting "No batter, no batter, sa-wing batter!" If you're truly professional athletes, play at the highest level you can, treat the other guy with respect, and tip your hat when you lose. And for the love of Lombardi, quit calling timeouts right when they snap the ball for last second field goals!