12 February 2010

Less than 100 days!

The countdown has clicked past 100 days, so I guess I need to really start thinking about how I'm going to make it through training for this half marathon.  My Vibram Five Fingers shoes are on order through Scheel's, so I'm patiently waiting for them to arrive.  I went with the style that fully encloses your foot, but not the neoprene kind for cold weather.  You can see what I got here:  Basically, I figured that I'm going to be training indoors at first, and these seemed to be a good compromise between cold and warm weather.  Also, there was some question about the availability of the other more insulated kind, so my mind was sort of made up for me.  I'll post more about them when they arrive. 

Based on advice from various sources, I'm planning on starting slowly with them.  I'll walk around the house with them on for a few hours every day for 5 days, then gradually start trying to run in them, doing a mile the first week, then ramping up from there.  I'm hoping my feet will be in good shape soon enough that I can go through a standard 12 week training cycle for the half.  I think I will be cutting it close! 

The other countdown around our house that has me preoccupied lately is the countdown to the birth of our second child.  The due date is Feb 22, but let's hope he makes an early appearance for my wife's sake!